Next on the menu – Extended Events Architecture

In this  SQL Snacks™ we will examine the architecture of the Extended Events system in SQL Server. In subsequent SQL Snacks™ we will examine the UI in SSMS as well as Transact-SQL scripts to analyze XEvents.


For your dining pleasure – the first SQL Meals™ is now being served

In this first ever SQL Meals™ we will start with an introduction to the Extended Events system in SQL Server. In subsequent SQL Snacks™ we will examine the architecture, the User Interface in SQL Server Management Studio, and specific use cases for Extended Events. The next item on the menu will be Query Data Store which will be…


Hungry for SQL Server training? Introducing SQL Meals™ and SQL Snacks™

As part of my new role in the Cross Domain Delivery test team I have been asked to create a video series that will focus on features of SQL Server that would be useful for test engagements. These will be categorized as either SQL Meals™ which will be around an hour long and will introduce…


Connect To SQL… a utility for C# programmers–Part 3

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the code has been published on CodePlex Simply search for ConnectToSQL or go to the project’s home page at


Connect To SQL… a utility for C# programmers– Part 2

Today we will examine the code that connects to our database and showcases the code used to determine the correct Authentication method 1: Cursor current = Cursor.Current; 2: Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor; 3: // Create our connection information for use by the Results Form 4: ServerConnection sc = new ServerConnection(ServerName); 5: // Create a ConnectToSQLBase object…


SqlCommandFilters–a tool for every toolbox

SqlCommandFilters is a utility assembly that will automatically parse your SqlCommand.CommandText and parameterize it for you. Why would you want to do this?   Picture this  You want to leverage SQL Server Always Encrypted, but you your queries are not currently parameterized You have a web application that builds all SQL input from elements on…


Connect To SQL… a utility for C# programmers

You are writing a tool for SQL programmers by using C#, SQL Management Objects etc. You need to connect to a SQL Server instance and so you need to code a way to ask for the Server name, user credentials and so on. Why rewrite it each and every time? Simply add boB ‘The Tool…


It’s been awhile…

I have started a new role as a Data Platform Solution Architect in the Health and Life Sciences vertical at Microsoft. Its been hectic, but fun. I am finally getting a bit of time to work on some projects that have been on the back burner for a while. I have several series that I…


CSI: Replication–the mysterious vanishing row

I have been working with a customer on an interesting situation. On occasion they have replication issues. Examining the error we see many errors that state: The row was not found at the Subscriber when applying the replicated command So we need to understand why the row was not found. (cue TV show music)…. CSI:…


Registration for Advanced Certification Programs is easier than ever!

The Advanced Certification team at Microsoft is pleased to announce a new,streamlined registration process for individuals applying for the MicrosoftCertified Master (MCM) or Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) trainingprograms. In an ongoing effort to improve your overall registration experience, theAdvanced Certification team at Microsoft is transitioning our currently hostedregistration portal to a new system managed exclusively…