Now Available! A smaller, leaner database

As promised, I have released my SQL Server Compression Estimator tool to One of the most exciting additions to SQL Server 2008 was the capability to apply data compression. The benefits are many including reduced disk I/O and memory utilization, with a small cost of CPU overhead. In a database that may contain thousands…


Its been a while for a new tool…

Watch for the announcement at Tech Ed and Tech Ed Europe! The new tool will be named SQLPie. I would love to hear thoughts on what it might be boB


Connect To SQL… a utility for C# programmers

You are writing a tool for SQL programmers by using C#, SQL Management Objects etc. You need to connect to a SQL Server instance and so you need to code a way to ask for the Server name, user credentials and so on. Why rewrite it each and every time? Simply add boB ‘The Tool…


The holidays are over – back to work!

I plan on releasing the next installment of The Extended Events series on Monday so watch for that. I finished up my work as the technical reviewer on William Stanek’s book Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Pocket Consultant – the ISBN is 978-0-7356-6376-3 which will be released at the end of February.  


Power Tools: SQL Server 2012 Extended Events

In this series I will examine an important tool in the DBA’s toolbox – Extended Events While Extended Events were present in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2, they were not widely adopted as a DBA tool. This was partially due to the fact that prior to SQL Server 2012, there was no UI…


Registration for Advanced Certification Programs is easier than ever!

The Advanced Certification team at Microsoft is pleased to announce a new,streamlined registration process for individuals applying for the MicrosoftCertified Master (MCM) or Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) trainingprograms. In an ongoing effort to improve your overall registration experience, theAdvanced Certification team at Microsoft is transitioning our currently hostedregistration portal to a new system managed exclusively…


Tech Ed 2012 – A 20th Anniversary Celebration. Wish you were here!

Tech Ed has been wonderful this year, a chance to meet up with old friends, make new old friends and talk about SQL Server. My session DBI410 – SQL Power Tools: Enhance Your Effectiveness with Extended Events was well attended with much interest and great questions. Thanks to those of you who attended. Please be…


The Wait is Finally Over! SQL Diag Configuration Tool released on CodePlex

The wait is finally over! The SQLDiag Configuration Tool has been released. One of the most heavily used tools in the SQL Server Premier Field Engineer’s tool belt is PSSDiag. It is maintained by Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support organization (CSS) and has a very nice configuration tool which allows a PFE to configure the…


I have contributed to two new upcomgin MSPress Titles

I was the technical reviewer for William Stanek’s SQL Server 2012 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant I am currently the techmical reviewer fpr tje Tranining Kit for Exam 70-462 Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database. Due to an illnes I am also now an author for this title. Be sure to check them out when they are available.  


Guest Judge For Be The Next Microsoft Employee

I’m a guest judge on new reality show, #bethenext Microsoft Employee, for a #SQLserver challenge! Sneak-peek: