Tech Ed 2012 – A 20th Anniversary Celebration. Wish you were here!

Tech Ed has been wonderful this year, a chance to meet up with old friends, make new old friends and talk about SQL Server.

My session DBI410 - SQL Power Tools: Enhance Your Effectiveness with Extended Events was well attended with much interest and great questions.

Thanks to those of you who attended. Please be sure an fill our you evaluations. As promised I am posting all the demo and source code from the session for your enjoyment.

Please be sure and blog or Twitter me (@SQLboBT) and let me know how your Extended Events journey is going.


As announced today, SQLPie will be released to CodePlex after Tech Ed Europe.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bob, I have just caught DBI410 which was fantastic :o) hence why trying to convert my profile traces in XE now!! however i cannot find any SQL P.I.E download on CodePlex, was this released after Tech Ed Europe? thanks in advance for yout time

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