Power Tools: Instruction Manual

Just like any good tool man, whenever you get a new tool  The first thing you should do is to read the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the general operation of the tool. During this first installment, we will do just that. As mentioned we are going to dive into the components that make…


Power Tools: SQL Server 2012 Extended Events

In this series I will examine an important tool in the DBA’s toolbox – Extended Events While Extended Events were present in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2, they were not widely adopted as a DBA tool. This was partially due to the fact that prior to SQL Server 2012, there was no UI…


The Tool Man brings you Power Tools…

Starting on December 1st 2011, I will be publishing a series of blog posts that are deep dives into the ‘Power Tools’ that ship with SQL Server 2012. The first series will focus on Extended Events (XEvents) which allows the DBA to perform tasks, troubleshoot problems, and understand the internal workings of SQL Server like…


Compression Estimator to be featured in the September issue of SQL Server Magazine / back from Holiday

Kevin Kline of Quest Software writes a regular column titled ‘Tool Time’ (how is that for synergy). In the September issue he highlights my Compression Estimator. My wife and I spent almost three weeks touring Ireland and Scotland for our 20th anniversary. Now back on the job, and looking forward to producing some new tools….


SQL Diag Configuration Tool Version has been released

This release fixes a potentially serious bug which could produce mal-formed XML. Please get the latest version from CodePlex – http://sdct.codeplex.com If you are interested in the gory details follow along. I use a DataSet object to read the xml file by using the DataSet.ReadXml method. This makes it easy to map the hierarchical structure…


Compression Estimator V1.0.2.0 is now available

Thanks to feedback from you, I have released version of Compression Estimator. This is really a minor release. I was filtering databases in the Database drop-down list based on compatability level. this is not necessary, since even databases in 9.0 compatability level can take advantage of compression. So instead, when I list available SQL…


Compression Estimator V1.0.1.0 Now Available

Thanks to all for your feedback. Version is now released and it contains the following changes: The Connect To SQL Server dialog now supports typing in a server instance name. You can also select Browse for more to do the original network search for available SQL Servers The Connect To SQL Server dialog now…


My apologies

I had missed a checkbox on CodePlex which prevented the download from being visible. It has been corrected. boB


Now Available! A smaller, leaner database

As promised, I have released my SQL Server Compression Estimator tool to http://ssce.codeplex.com/ One of the most exciting additions to SQL Server 2008 was the capability to apply data compression. The benefits are many including reduced disk I/O and memory utilization, with a small cost of CPU overhead. In a database that may contain thousands…