SQL Server Instant File Initialization: SetFileValidData (Windows) vs fallocate (Linux)

SQL Server Books Online documents Instant File Initialization and the associated security considerations.   This blog highlights the underlying file system implementations and differences in behavior between Windows and Linux. SQL Server performs the following API calls when creating or extending (growing) data and log files. CreateFile – Create or open a file SetEndOfFile– Establish the…


SQL Server on Linux: Quick Performance Monitoring

I have been asked several times about how to get a Performance Monitor like view on Linux.   There are lots of Linux tools available (top, iotop, Grafana, and SQL Sentry just scratch the surface of available options) to monitor the Linux system.  Allow me to share one such example to capture and monitor a system….


Create Table – Disk vs In-Memory Optimized

I had an interesting e-mail discussion related to the performance of create table.  The test being executed was a tight loop of create table statements.  The assumption put forth was in-memory optimized table creation was slower and they expected it to be faster.  We are not talking about the performance of inserts, updates, deletes and…