TechEd session: Tips and tricks for building rich reports

Here's a recording of my TechEd 2012 North America session last week in Orlando:

Tips and Tricks For Building Rich Reports

The entire session is based on Report Builder 3.0. All content is relevant to both SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2012.

Topics covered:

  • Use a tablix to organize data how you want it
  • Use colors and graphics to emphasize data
  • Choose the right visual for what you're trying to communicate
  • Add clipboard data using an XML data source
  • Integrate related data using the Lookup function
  • Display short lists using the LookupSet function
  • Optimize output for Excel

Hope you enjoy!

Comments (2)
  1. Patrick Pilz says:

    You said in your talk that you wanted to post the solution to the map visualisation and the scripts for the colorization you used. Where are they?

  2. Ram G says:

    Suppose a dataset is like this


    Col A  |  Col B  |  Col C |


    a1          5       x1

    a2          6       x2

    a3          7       x3

    a4          5       x4

    a5          6       x5

    a6          7       x6

    a7          7       x7

    a8          6       x8

    a9          5       x9


    How do you achieve delow result in SSRS or MDX


    Col A  |  Col B  |  Col C | Col D (iif(col B=5, col A, PREV-ROWVALUE)


    a1          5          x1       a1

    a2          6          x2       a1

    a3          7          x3       a1

    a4          5          x4       a4

    a5          6          x5       a4

    a6          7          x6       a4

    a7          7          x7       a4

    a8          6          x8       a4

    a9          5          x9       a9



    Ram G

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