Requiring Report Builder users to choose a perspective

Some customers have report models that are large enough they do not expect any user to ever request the entire model, and would actually prefer to disallow that option, and require them to choose a perspective instead. There is an undocumented and unsupported feature that provides this behavior in the current release. It is used by Analysis Services when generating a report model over a cube.

The simplest approach is to use the SOAP API's to add a custom property to the report model with name = "MustUsePerspective" and value = "true".

If you wish, you can add a similar custom property to the report model within Model Designer, set the property data type to Boolean, set the namespace to "", and whenever you publish the model the corresponding server property will be added automatically.



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  1. sqlhiker says:

    Hi Bob,

    How can I use stored procedures to create a report model. I saw some posts on MSDN forums but it is not clear. Please enlighten us with an article, Scores of users like me are interested to know how to accomplish this.

  2. pcoffelt says:

    Is there any way to force users to execute a particular filter i.e. make a predetemined filter mandatory?  We have multiple "batches" within a reporting table and would like to force our RB users to first select a batch as primary filter.

  3. hanuman_sinha says:


    Currently, we are facing a serious problem of conversion from Sql Query to Semantic Query and we are looking for any API or Component that handles this conversion process.

    Requirement Details:

    I’d like to tell the story happened which lead us to this requirement. We want to convert Shazam Reports (SRW) to Reporting Services (RDL) reports that support Report Builder (semantic queries). So, we planned to convert the SRW query structure into a SQL query structure and later to Semantic Query, which is recognized by the Report Builder.

    In that process, we’ve successfully developed a parser component that parses the SRW’s query structure into standard Sql query structure but now we struggling, as we don’t know how to convert an sql query into semantic query.

    We are running out of time and any information towards the solution is a great help to us.

    Hope I’d get some positive reply from you.

  4. dinesh_sayshello says:

    I want get the modelitems in a report server model and also included in a perspective. I am trying to do this desperately. Plz can you help me anyway to achive this?  

  5. Lugaluda says:


    We are currently looking for a report writer where non technical users can write their own reports.  I’ve heard that reporting services is capable of handling this task.  Please enlighten about this.


  6. Customer report models that vary in size from a few to a few hundred entities. Little Northwind with

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