Launching Report Builder from the command line

A number of people have asked if it is possible to launch RB from the command line. While it is in fact possible, it is an unsupported feature in SQL Server 2005. That said, here's how to do it. You just need to specify what report server to connect to, like this:

     ReportBuilder.exe /s=http://mybox/reportserver

Other supported URL parameters are also recognized when passed on the command line, like this:

     ReportBuilder.exe /s=http://localhost/reportserver "/My Favorite Report"

     ReportBuilder.exe /s=http://localhost/reportserver "/model=/Models/Adventure Works"

Again, this feature is not supported in this release. If you run into problems and call MS product support, they will tell you to go jump in a lake. 🙂


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  1. abhisek says:

    I have created  a report named report1 and deploy it on server.but when i try to type

    ReportBuilder.exe /s=http://servername/reportserver "/report1" it just opens a report builder not that report.

  2. abhisek says:

    I have created a .rdl file Programmatically when i try to open it through reportbuilder it gives an error ‘The report cannot be opened because the following data source does not exist or you do not have permission to view it: DataSource1’

    So i am not able to see its design view.

  3. I didnt know it was possible 🙂 ..Here is an entry from Bob on achieving this … Though un-documented

  4. Nemanja Cvetkovic says:

    i see this method allows you to call reportbuilder for reports deployed to the server. is there an equivalent that one can use to open report builder and edit a report saved on the local hard drive rather than the server?

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