Adding parameters (prompts) to a Report Builder report

You easily can add basic parameters to a Report Builder report using the Filter dialog. For example, to let the user choose which year to view sales data for, add an Order Year filter condition to your report filter, then, instead of specifying a value, click the "Order Year" label on the left side of the condition and choose "Prompt" from the menu. This will create a corresponding report parameter that will supply the value when the report is run. If you also specify a value in the filter dialog, this value will be used as the default parameter value.

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  1. pjbate says:

    Hi Bob,

    I am trying to find the location of setting parameters within the Visual Studio report designer.  I have looked at the properties for the report, on the Dataset’s datatable and on my web page hosting the report viewer object.  

    Do you know where I can find the filter dialog on a web solution or do I need to write my own parameter solution?



  2. rajani says:


    did you check "report" menu within visual studio ?

  3. says:

    How do i uncheck the NULL for a date parameter. I want the user to pick a date first before the report is executed.

  4. Gunady says:

    Can I know how to specify a mandatory parameter that user has to select before running the Report Builder?

    I have requirement to show the cost in multiple exchange rate, so before showing the number in the report, user has to select which exchange rate year to display.

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