Report Builder launch parameters

To launch Report Builder, use one of the following URLs (also documented on MSDN):

http://<servername>/reportserver/reportbuilder/reportbuilder.application (Full Trust)
http://<servername>/reportserver/reportbuilder/reportbuilderlocalintranet.application (LocalIntranet permissions only)

In addition to this, several launch parameters are supported:

To automatically open a specific report:
ppend "?<reportpath>" to the URL (e.g. http://.../reportbuilder.application?/My+Reports/Quarterly+Sales+By+Region)

To automatically load a specific report model:
Append "?model=<modelpath>" to the URL (e.g. http://.../reportbuilder.application?model=/Models/Adventure+Works)

To automatically load a perspective of a specific report model:
Append "?model=<modelpath>&perspective=<perspectiveID>" to the URL. Note this is the ID of the perspective, not the Name.

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  1. bwalkertn says:

    Bob, thanks for these launch parameters. When you use the parameter to automatically load a specific model it bypasses the first window where you select a model and report type and goes directly to the design view. In the design view it does not provide you with a drag and drop area. Is there a solution to this.

  2. Bob Meyers20 says:

    The issue with the model launch parameter was a late regression prior to RTM which we failed to catch. It will be fixed in SP1.

  3. Davidbotz says:

    Is there a way to hide the Report Builder button, but still access it via the URL?

  4. Bob Meyers20 says:

    I don’t believe it is possible to hide the RB button in Report Manager, and still allow URL access.

  5. zReport says:


    I use http://<servername>/reportserver/reportbuilder/reportbuilder.application  launched reportbuilder.

    When user created an report and Save / Save As we like to store the report name and path to our database. How can I interface with report builder?



  6. Bob Meyers20 says:

    Not sure I understand. There are currently no other parameters than the ones I described.

  7. furmangg says:

    Do you have an update on the issue with it skipping the screen where you choose table/matrix/chart? I tried this under SP1 and it still skipped the screen.

  8. Bob Meyers20 says:

    This is by design. If you want a matrix or chart instead of the table which appears by default, you can click the New Report button to see the Getting Started pane and go from there. Unfortunately, the original model is not selected by default, so you’ll need to re-select it.

  9. xguy says:

    Any ideas as to why the Report Builder button does not show on my Report Manager form/toolbar?

    I can still access via URL, just not RB button.


  10. xguy says:

    Great.  Thanks Bob.

    Here’s another one.  We are using Forms Auth and have been wrestling with an "Object moved…" error when a SOAP call is made to the ReportService2005 web service (ListChildren(), for example).  A month after opening an incident w/ MS we got some code to get around this error — was pretty simple, actually.

    Well, I just got the "Object moved…" error again in Report Builder.  The error popped up when I attempted to move to page 2 of a report — I am guessing about the time my session would have timed out due to no activity in a web app –, then again every time I clicked Run Report.  

    I was busy in Report Builder constantly making (and testing) a report.  RB is a client app, right?  However, it is launched by accessing a URL.  Does this make RB subject to a timed out session?  Any suggestions?

    Thank you !!

  11. xguy says:

    re: "Object moved…" error.

    Now I am having no problems.  I’ve had a report open in Report Builder for quite some time in design mode and all is working fine (designing / running / etc).

    I’m not sure what is worse: a problem, or a sporadic problem.

    Still interested in any ideas.


  12. carehart says:

    Great stuff, Bob. Thanks, as always. There a couple of useful things related to this which you may know how to enable (they’re not discussed in the docs you point to).

    First, what if one wanted to open the ReportBuilder so that instead of opening a given model, it instead shows that model only (and its available perspectives) in its "select a source of data" (the right pane where one would select from available models)? Is there any means to ask for that?

    Similarly, what if one has setup various folders. Is there any way to launch the ReportBuilder with it showing only the models in a given folder? I’ve tried a "folder" and "path" parameter, both of which were rejected with an error stating that the parameter given was "unexpected" and that "all parameters would be ignored".

    Even if you don’t know of any parameter to do what I ask, might you be able to ask someone with access to the source code or its internal docs to get a list of all parameters that the ReportBuilder.application does accept? There may be one there that the doc writers just didn’t think to mention. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  13. carehart says:

    As another follow-up to your points, is there also a parameter we can use when launching the Reportbuilder to specify where reports should be saved, by default? It would seem a useful corollary to the parameter to open the RB at a given model.

  14. Steve Giergiel says:

    Do you have any guidance on how to actually reference a Perspective from within the Report Designer. Although I suppose it may be possible to work out the Perspective ID, it would surely be more user friendly to allow the Friendly Perspective Name to be entered. Probably SP3 plus request, but thought I’d ask just in case we are missing some check box / configuration / set up parameter somewhere, or even an alternative data source definition mechanism etc…:)

  15. craiger says:

    Having problem using URL to launch a report model and a selected Perspective; Using SQL 2005 SSRS – generating a Report Model in MOSS 2007 against a cube with one defined perspective. I try and specify a Perspective ID (not the perspective name) and the model fails to open saying no such perspective exists in the model.

    I can find no way to get the following documented methods to work for getting the Perspective id: "You can find the perspective ID by opening SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, selecting the perspective in list view, and then copying the General Category ID number in the Properties window. Alternatively, view the report model XML and search for the <Perspectives> tag. The perspective ID is listed within the <Perspectives> tag." quoted from SQL Server Developer Center MSDN

    I cannot get the "list view" when viewing a cube Perspective in BIDS. Alternatively, when I view the content of the Report Model file, the "Perspective ID" it gives are not of the same format I’d expect for the GUID. They look like: "udm:Perspective_Cube_<Perspective_Name>", and they do not work when I try and use them in the URL.

    Any ideas on how else I can get the perspective id -or- allow the top level cube to be used in Report Model (and not force user to specify a perspective)? I have spent a good amount of time so far…

  16. Shah says:

    Can you change default model with any other perspective when load into Report Builder?

  17. JasonUK says:

    Hi. What would be the URL if I wanted to open Report Builder with 2 report models, e.g. one report model for raw data and another for aggregate data via Analysis Services? Many thanks.

  18. Narendra says:

    Is there any alternatve way to "open a report in report builder programatically"…..

    I have to open a report which is deployed on remot server (say "ABC") from my m/c

    I used above code/URL to open report in report builder but it gives me a error window saying "Application can not be statrted. Contact the application vendor"

    can you tell  me how to solve this or any alternative to open report in report builder….

    In above case in which report builder will it open report on 1."report builder on my machine" or 2."Report builder on remote("ABC") machine.

  19. Narendra

    Quando temos relatórios construídos no Report Builder , e precisamos utiliza-los via web, onde seria necessário passar os valores dos parametros para que os dados sejam exibidos.

    A sintaxe ficará da seguinte forma


    Caso tenha mais de um parâmetro concatene-os utilizando esta forma


  20. Nic says:


    Is there an option to specify the site that the report builder should connect to by default?

    http://<servername>/<blah blah blah>/ReportBuilder.application?site=http://ourUATServer/reportserver



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