Teams and SharePoint: Better Together

Collaboration Silos Traditionally, our collaboration tools have been divided into silos based on the mode of communication. In the Microsoft space, we’ve used Outlook and Exchange for persistent messaging, Skype for Business for real-time communication, and SharePoint to provide a place to share documents and other information. These tools work together to provide for our…


Building Headers and Footers that work on Classic and Modern sites

One of the partners I consult for is migrating a Fortune 500 financial services company to SharePoint Online. The company wants to take advantage of modern team and communications sites, yet where they need features that aren’t available in modern SharePoint, they’ve decided to stick with classic Publishing sites. The challenge is: how to build…


SharePoint – 2014 in Retrospect

Over the holidays I decided to review all of Microsoft’s SharePoint related updates and changes from 2014. I have to say I was really blown away by what I found! Normally, during an “off” year (a year without a major SharePoint release) the action would be limited to partners and customers as Microsoft hunkered down and worked on the…


Draining the Swamp: Common SharePoint Bugs and How to Avoid Them

Every spring in my town, they send out a flyer asking residents to avoid standing water, as it’s a breeding place for mosquitos. Watertown is close to the city and yards are small, so it’s easy to comply. And it works! We can sit on the back patio on summer evenings and not get eaten alive, while friends…


Silverlight 5 Ships – SharePoint and Silverlight Code Updated

As you may have noticed, Microsoft released Silverlight 5 to the web recently and it’s available for download here. I just updated the Silverlight 5 examples in for the book with the released version, and overall it went smoothly, however there are some changes for one of the examples, which I’ll explain in this posting….


Resources for Developing SharePoint Solutions with Silverlight

Many thanks to everyone who attended my talk at SPTechCon 2009 in Cambridge, MA! As promised, this posting will provide a pointer to the source code used in the demos, plus resources to help you get going with Silverlight in your SharePoint development projects. All the code is on MSDN Code Gallery at This…