Building SharePoint Site Designs with Themes and Azure Functions

This article is the sequel to Swooping into SharePoint Site Designs, in which I related my experience working behind the scenes on the world’s first SharePoint reality show! This time I’ll explain the code so you can build similar solutions if you so desire. The sample shows how to build a site design and script for a simple…


New Guidance from Microsoft for Packaging and Deploying SharePoint Solutions

This blog has moved to Please see the equivalent posting here for responses and to continue the conversation. Thank you for reading!   Microsoft is cleaning house. Now that it has to maintain SharePoint for thousands of enterprises and millions of users in Office 365, Microsoft is working to clean up all the odd…


Packaging Master Pages and Page Layouts with Visual Studio 2010

I’ve been doing a lot of SharePoint development work lately, and figured that it was time to start blogging about some of the areas where I’ve had challenges (and found solutions!) Among other things, right now I’m working on a Web Content Management project, so this posting is about packaging of customizations for WCM sites….