SharePoint – 2014 in Retrospect

Over the holidays I decided to review all of Microsoft's SharePoint related updates and changes from 2014. I have to say I was really blown away by what I found! Normally, during an "off" year (a year without a major SharePoint release) the action would be limited to partners and customers as Microsoft hunkered down and worked on the next big release. But things have changed. Microsoft has delivered on its promise to continually update SharePoint, especially SharePoint Online!

I thought I'd share my list; each one represents an announcement by Microsoft of something big. These are mostly just the SharePoint related items; there were dozens more if you include BI related stuff and the rest of the product suite. I present it here for your review - did you miss any of these?

A few people asked me about predictions for 2015. Well, anything specific that I might or might not know about would be subject to NDA anyway, so they'll have to be pretty general. That said, my crystal ball is unambiguously cloudy for the new year!

  •  Microsoft will continue to roll out cool enhancements for Office 365, and not so much for on-premises. This will include at least one or two more "NextGen" portals as Mark Kashman alluded to in the Office 365 Video announcement.
  • SharePoint 2015 will be delivered as promised for on-premises customers. It won't provide all the features of SharePoint Online, and will be more complex to set up than ever before, but it will continue to provide up-to-date SharePoint technology outside of the cloud.
  • Office 365 server products will continue to converge, with levels of integration that were never possible on premises where Microsoft had to support a mix of product versions. Office 365 Apps and API's will continue to evolve, as will other features that span the entire suite.

OK here's my list of links from 2014; the pace of change is truly staggering! My New Year's resolution is to blog more, and I have a backlog of material that can help you navigate all this change. I'm already working on an article on SharePoint as a Platform, which will provide practical advice on how to navigate all the development and app models available for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013.

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