A Brand New Vantage Point

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How to: Display the name of the Windows user logged into your ASP.NET Site

This is really pretty simple but I was surprised not to find it in any one blog posting. It’s easy to display the Application Pool account rather than the logged in user. Some articles said to turn on Impersonation, but that’s often a bad idea for other reasons. This is what worked for me just…


New Guidance from Microsoft for Packaging and Deploying SharePoint Solutions

This blog has moved to http://bob1german.com. Please see the equivalent posting here for responses and to continue the conversation. Thank you for reading!   Microsoft is cleaning house. Now that it has to maintain SharePoint for thousands of enterprises and millions of users in Office 365, Microsoft is working to clean up all the odd…


SharePoint – 2014 in Retrospect

Over the holidays I decided to review all of Microsoft’s SharePoint related updates and changes from 2014. I have to say I was really blown away by what I found! Normally, during an “off” year (a year without a major SharePoint release) the action would be limited to partners and customers as Microsoft hunkered down and worked on the…