Silverlight 5 Ships – SharePoint and Silverlight Code Updated

As you may have noticed, Microsoft released Silverlight 5 to the web recently and it’s available for download here. I just updated the Silverlight 5 examples in for the book with the released version, and overall it went smoothly, however there are some changes for one of the examples, which I’ll explain in this posting….

A New Vantage Point

My big announcement is that I’ve changed jobs! I just joined BlueMetal Architects, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner based in Watertown, MA. So I’ll be blogging from a new vantage point, and will still be active in the SharePoint community. I’m really excited about the opportunity to work on cool projects for SharePoint customers old…

SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight

I’m pleased to announce that my first book, SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight, will be available in the next few days. I got my first copy in the mail today and it looks great! Silverlight is a great way to build rich business applications for SharePoint; a common language, runtime and development environment across client and…


MIX 2011 – Silverlight for SharePoint Boot Camp

If you have a chance to get to the MIX conference, be sure to get there early for the Silverlight for SharePoint Boot Camp! On Monday, April 11, Paul Stubbs and I will be leading a half-day deep dive into how to extend SharePoint 2010 with Silverlight. The session will be nearly all demos. Come…

Packaging Master Pages and Page Layouts with Visual Studio 2010

I’ve been doing a lot of SharePoint development work lately, and figured that it was time to start blogging about some of the areas where I’ve had challenges (and found solutions!) Among other things, right now I’m working on a Web Content Management project, so this posting is about packaging of customizations for WCM sites….