Resources for Developing SharePoint Solutions with Silverlight

Many thanks to everyone who attended my talk at SPTechCon 2009 in Cambridge, MA! As promised, this posting will provide a pointer to the source code used in the demos, plus resources to help you get going with Silverlight in your SharePoint development projects.

All the code is on MSDN Code Gallery at This includes:

  • Minimalist samples, one of which passes a text message to Silverlight for display, the other of which shows how to implement and call a custom web service in SharePoint from Silverlight 

  • An image viewer web part to display an image library as a slide show. This web part shows how to pass SharePoint data to Silverlight in a hidden form field to avoid the need to make an extra round-trip to the server.

  • A mini-survey web part to ask a single question and show the results when it is answered. This web part shows how to update SharePoint using a custom web service, which piggybacks the latest results for rendering in Silverlight

  • A video field control that allows browsing SharePoint sites, libraries and documents to select a video in editing mode. This is an example of posting data back with the page (in a hidden form field), as is the expected behavior when editing a WCM page.

Here are some resources I found helpful in working with Silverlight and SharePoint:

Silverlight (General)

Silverlight and SharePoint

Programming with LINQ

Silverlight - HTML Bridge

Silverlight Cross-Domain Access

Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 1.3

Field Controls in SharePoint

Web Services in SharePoint

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