AJAX-Enabling your Zone Tabs Web Part

If you've been reading for a while you may remember I wrote a web part called "Zone Tabs" whose job in life is to control other web parts in its "Zone." Thus you can put different web parts on various tabs, and allow users to select what they want to see with less scrolling. This has been extremely popular, yet people are left wanting more. By far and away, the #1 request has been to avoid the postback that refreshes the whole screen when a tab is selected.

Well I'm happy to announce that Mehul Bhuva has solved that problem and has a full explaination on his blog at http://mehulbhuva.blogspot.com/2009/02/ajaxify-zone-tabs-web-part-in.html! His approach is to use the ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel control. Since the tabs and other web parts in a "Zone" need to be refreshed together - without re-painting the rest of the page - his approach is to insert the UpdatePanel right into the page around the WebPartZone control using SharePoint Designer.

 Many thanks and kudos to you Mehul - many people requested this and you did something about it which we all appreciate!!


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