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The cool thing about the internet is that any shmoe with a computer and an internet connection can have a voice, however obscure, on the world stage. Blogging seems to encourage this, which I figure has to be a good thing – more free speech usually leads to positive changes in the world. I’m relatively new to the medium; in fact, this is my very first blog post.


When I first started reading blogs, I imagined thousands or millions of people, each standing on a soap box, pointlessly blathering about pet issues and punditry. Now that I’ve been reading for a while, I imagine the blogosphere as a vast array of windows into people’s minds, lives and jobs. As with other social relations, if you find out you’re compatible with someone, you can maintain an association. Of course, inside some of the windows is a person standing on a soap box and blathering. Fortunately, the social boundaries are simple; it’s easy to unsubscribe.


Anyway, it’s especially cool that my employer, Microsoft, not only allows but even seems to encourage us to do this; “open and respectful” is one of the company’s core values. Besides, how can I resist a chance to jump on the latest online phenomenon? And so it is that I invite you to peek into Microsoft from my vantage point.


Let me introduce myself. Professionally, I’m a Technology Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) near Boston, where I help customers evaluate solutions based on Microsoft software. We provide a lab environment where customers can envision what’s possible, work out the foundations of an architecture, and prove out any risk areas. My technical specialty is in the area of portals and collaboration, which lately at Microsoft has meant a lot of focus on SharePoint and .NET technologies. This is an especially exciting time considering the great advances in the recently released .NET 2.0 and the amazing new version of SharePoint and Office that’s in the pipeline. I work with a great team with complimentary specialties, so that we can team up with customers and work on solutions that span many technologies.


Personally, I live with my wife, Kate, and two cats in Watertown. I love music and being outdoors; I like to walk and bicycle along the Charles River, and in the summer I grow herbs and vegetables in a garden behind our house. Between vacations and business, I travel a lot, and enjoy tacking a little sightseeing onto business trips when the schedule allows it. I like photography and playing the guitar, but don’t do as much of either of them as I’d like. And of course technology is a hobby as well; I build all my own computers, and have created a multimedia home infrastructure that is tailored to Kate’s and my lifestyles. The cats don’t seem to mind.


I plan to post about:


·       What it’s like to work at Microsoft and the MTC

·       Ideas and experiences on how to effectively create software solutions, and minimize risk early in the process

·       SharePoint, .NET and related technical information gleaned from projects I do; this could range from high-level developments in the field to code samples and pointers to submissions on GotDotNet

·       Random musings on collaboration and social networking, business and economics, globalization and individuality (WHAT, you may ask, is the different between “Musings” and “Blather”?? It’s purely subjective, I know! 😉 )


So many thanks for reading, and I look forward to your comments and suggestions!

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