Microsoft, Facebook unveil deeper social search on Bing

      Microsoft’s Qi Lu, president of Microsoft Online Services, and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg held a press conference at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley headquarters to announce an extension of a long-running partnership between the two companies to feature Facebook profiles and a "liked by your friends" section that takes advantage of the way…


How Bing is out-innovating Google

Check out the Business Insider article on CNN Tech about how Bing is out-innovating Google. From the article: Google is one of the smartest, most innovative companies in the world, but in its core business — online search — it’s being routinely shown up by Microsoft’s third-place search engine, Bing. Bing is a surprisingly fast-moving,…


ARCast.TV – Sungard uses Silverlight 4 and Bing Map to Visualize Pipeline for Gas Trading Application

  In this episode, Max Zilberman talks to Michael Heydt, Sr. Program Manager Sungard Consulting Services about their use of Silverlight 4 and Bing Map to enhance the usability of a Gas Trading Application. ARCast.TV – Sungard uses Silverlight 4 and Bing Map to Visualize Pipeline for Gas Trading Application Technorati Tags: ARCast,Architects,Architecture,Bing Maps,Practical Guidance,Silverlight,Sungard


OuterLink Adopts Windows 7, Bing Maps and Silverlight to Advance High Asset Tracking and Communication Technology

    The Company Recently I had the opportunity to meet with Steve Durante, CEO and Rodney Danielson, VP of Engineering at OuterLink to discuss their adoption of Windows 7, Bing Maps and Silverlight 3. OuterLink is a very cool company based in Lowell, MA that builds high value asset tracking and communication technology. Now…


Innovation Showcase Headlines – 02.23.2010

Some very cool topics are covered on Innovation Showcase this week including: Bing Maps Augmented Reality (a must see!), what’s new in Windows 7 Phone, an eye opening ARCast.TV episode featuring a Silverlight application that displays medial history, a Visual Studio 2010 Resource Guide from Chris Bowen and much much more. Learn How to Build…


Bing Bling

Here is the code to add a simple Bing search box to your web site: <!– Web search from Bing–> <form method="get" action="">   <table bgcolor="#FFFFFF">     <tr>       <td>         <a href="">           <img src="" border="0" ALT="bing" />         </a>       </td>       <td>         <input type="text" name="q" size="30" />         <input type="submit" value="Search…