Imagine Cup Day 3–Workshops, Showcase and Round 2 Finalists


Day 3 of Imagine Cup US Finals here in Redmond has the students attending workshops, showcasing their solutions to Microsoft executives and getting the word from Soma Somesegar on which teams advance to the final round.

ICUS Day 3-3 ICUS Day 3-14
Lindsay Lindstrom talks to the students about how to make money with their Windows Phone 7 apps Andrew Parsons gives a lecture on what it takes to do well in the World Wide Imagine Cup Game competition.
ICUS Day 3-38 ICUS Day 3-62
TTHV Ready to Showcase their solution for the Microsoft execs Liza Singer of Geek League talks to Lisa Harper about their game Paradox
ICUS Day 3-51 ICUS Day 3-68
The Drexel Dragons talk to Soma Somasegar about their app Soma announces the Round 2 Finalists

Congratulations to TTHV for advancing to Round 2!!!

ICUS Day 3-69

To see more pictures from day 3 check out my Flickr photostream.

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