ARCast.TV – Jeffrey Palermo on ASP.NET MVC

Jeffrey Palermo on ASP.NET MVC

This interview focuses on architectural concerns when using the MVC Framework. Dependency Injection can help decouple the application and make your code more maintainable and testable, but how do you enable this?

Join Jeffrey Palermo and Bob Familiar for a boots-on-the-ground talk about how to fit ASP.NET MVC into your Web application architecture while avoiding some of the pitfalls common with Web Forms.

We'll cover the following in depth: designing for testability, loose coupling, separation of concerns, automated testing of controller actions, dependency injection, and leveraging IoC container support from the MvcContrib open source project.

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  1. At Tech Ed 2008, I recorded a short video with Bob Familiar discussing my breakout session, Architectural concerns with the ASP.NET MVC Framework. Granted, the information is based on a CTP of the framework, but the basic principles still apply. There

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