Hartford Roadshow Attendees Take Notice

Chris, Jim and I will be on the road again soon, this time in Hartford on Wednesday, March 18th at a new venue – the Wallace Stevens Theater at The Hartford on 690 Asylum Avenue. 

*** HEADS UP ***

As you might expect, downtown parking can be tricky.  There are a limited number of spots at Visitors Lot 4 at The Hartford, so they may not be able to accommodate everyone.  If you typically commute downtown for work, we’d recommend you follow your normal routine and walk or catch the bus to The Hartford.  Alternatively, you can try parking at the Spruce Street lot near Union Station, which is about a 1/2 mile from the Hartford.  There is a $12 charge for parking there, however.

The sessions will be held in the Wallace Stevens Theater, which is inside the Tower Building (a short downhill walk from Lot 4).  You will need to first check in with security directly inside, who should have a badge prepared with your name on it.  The Theater is just to the left of the security desk.

Our program starts at 8:30, so please leave a little extra time for parking and check-in.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Here’s a set of maps to provide a bit more guidance.  The first is one of The Hartford campus, with Lot 4 and the Tower Building highlighted, and the second shows the location of the Spruce Street parking lot.

The Hartford Campus

Spruce Street Parking

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