The MSDN Developer Conference is coming…Are you ready?

    The nature of software development is radically changing… Are you ready? Prepare yourself for a demanding future. Attend the MSDN Developer Conference. Experience Windows Azure Create applications that seamlessly bridge the gaps between PC, Web, and phone Be among the first to see Windows 7 See the latest advances in Multi-Touch Application Development…


IASA New England November Chapter Meeting

The New England chapter of IASA exists to provide a forum to established, practicing and emerging IT architects in the Boston and surrounding areas, for communication, learning, exchange of ideas, professional support and to contribute to the development of IT architecture as a profession. Our featured speaker in November will be Bob Hughes, Executive Vice…


ARCast.TV – Michael Manos on Datacenter Leadership

This ARCast features Michael Manos who leads all the datacenters for Microsoft globally. Michael is leading Microsoft’s transformation into massive scale datacenter environments for Web 2.0 and online services. Michael is interviewed by Lewis Curtis. ARCast.TV – Michael Manos on Datacenter Leadership Technorati Tags: ARCast,Architecture,Cloud Architecture,Cloud Computing,Cloud Services,Datacenter,Infrastructure,Service Level Agreement,Software + Services,Web Hosting,Web Services


ARCast.TV – Eric Newcomer of IONA on the state of Interoperability

With SOA becoming a standard IT approach to interoperability and now the move to Software + Services, interoperability is a central theme of our architectures and implementations. In this latest ARCast episode, Eric Newcomer, Chief Technology Officer of IONA, discusses the challenges of interoperability in a heterogeneous world, the state of middleware and interoperability standards…


Anders Hejlsberg on the Past, Present and future of C#

The A-Z of Programming Languages: C# Microsoft’s Anders Hejlsberg reveals the history behind one of the most common programming languages, C#, and what the future holds for C#4.0. “Computerworld is undertaking a series of investigations into the most widely-used programming languages. Previously we have spoken to Alfred v. Aho of AWK fame, S. Tucker Taft…