Pluralsight offers a Double Feature / WCF + WF

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Pluralsight offers some of the best courses available if you want to go deep on .Net. Check this one out:

5 intensive days learning how to build connected systems and workflow applications with .NET 3.0

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is the next-generation platform for building connected systems on the Windows platform. WCF makes it possible to build secure, reliable, and transacted systems through a simplified programming model that unifies and extends many of the previous .NET technologies including ASMX, WSE, .NET Remoting, .NET Enterprise Services, and System.Messaging. Not only is WCF simpler to use than its predecessors, it’s also more flexible and interoperable thanks to its focus on Service Orientation and support for standardized Web services specifications. WCF is sure to change the way every .NET developer builds connected systems in the years ahead.

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) was announced at the 2005 Professional Developers Conference as the platform for building workflow-enabled applications. WF allows developers to create dynamic, transparent applications with true object reuse and composition. WF provides the tools and services .NET developers need to add rich workflow capabilities to their ASP.NET and Smart Client applications as well as Web and Windows services. With the ability to fully involve business users and IT Pros in the use and monitoring of an application, WF stands to single-handedly change the way .NET programs are written in the future.

This course will provide fast-paced exposure to both WCF and WF to get you started building transparent services and smart clients tomorrow.

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  1. Technorati Tags: .Net 3.0 , WCF , WF , Pluralsight Pluralsight offers some of the best courses available

  2. techhairball says:

    Any idea how it interacts with other systems? What all adapters are available?

  3. Matt Milner says:


    We will be talking about how WCF interoperates through SOAP and the various WS-* specifications. We will also talk about how WF can use WCF and its extensible framework to talk to a variety of systems.  There aren’t any adapters (a la BizTalk, e.g.) as of yet, but with the new WCF LOB adapter sdk [1] you can use WCF to talk to just about any system. Our materials will give you the understanding of the underlying WCF stack so to prepare you to build services and clients with or without that SDK.  


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