arcCouncil Feb 12th, 2007 – Web 2.0

The topic of our next arcCouncil event on February 12th is Web 2.0. We've lined up two excellent speakers on this topic. You won't want to miss this one. The event is being held in 9 cities across the east region. The event will be held in Waltham and Farmington in the northeast. To register visit the arcStreamEast site.

arcCouncil Agenda - Web 2.0

10:30am - Announcements, refreshments

11:00am - Web 2.0 and Microsoft - Michael Platt, Director of Web Architecture Strategy, Microsoft

Today, new social movements, advances in technology, and forces within business are colliding to create a landscape overflowing with challenges and opportunities. In many cases, these forces have driven the deployment of new technologies and the adoption of new behaviors, adding multiple layers to an already complex set of issues that must be navigated. Architects are searching for a solution to manage this complexity. SOA, ESB, Software as a Service, Web 2.0, and Edge are all elements of the solution, but are they the complete picture? Are they a sufficient answer to the issues? Can they be used together in a productive and efficient fashion? We have the opportunity now to think about what the platform of the future looks like; for software architects to take a step back and to forecast what lies over the horizon. This presentation examines the business, social and technical drivers behind this platform and examines Microsoft’s vision and technologies for the future.

Michael Platt is Director of Web Architecture Strategy in the architecture strategy group at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond where is responsible for setting Microsoft’s future web architecture strategy. He has extensive experience in Architecting Web and Enterprise Applications for large multinational Enterprises. He has been with Microsoft for 10 years in a number of management, strategy, presales and consultancy roles. Michael has some 30 years of experience in the IT industry with IBM and Microsoft in research, design, development, pre sales and consultancy positions. He has an Honours Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and a number of published dissertations and patents.

12:15pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Applying Web 2.0 Patterns and Best Practices - Dion Hinchcliffe, President and CTO, Hinchcliffe & Company, Editor-in-Chief - Web 2.0 Journal | AjaxWorld Magazine

Emerging new methods for leveraging the intrinsic strength of the Web for building effective online applications and Web sites have often been described with the term "Web 2.0".  Though sometimes shrouded in hype, a formal understanding of the next generation of design patterns and business models for building successful Web apps has begun to form.  This presentation provides a fast-paced, informative exploration of the key aspects of Web 2.0 as it applies to creating application architectures for online products and services, inside or outside the firewall.  Specific architectural principles and software design issues will be explored including architectures of participation, harnessing collective intelligence, federated software ecosystems, lightweight programming models and standards, convergence of Web 2.0 with SOA, and an emerging new discipline, something known as Enterprise 2.0.

Dion Hinchcliffe is a well-known enterprise architecture thinker and advisor, who speaks, writes, and collaborates actively with clients in the Fortune 500, federal government, and Internet startup community. Mr. Hinchcliffe also helps lead the industry by evolving the thinking around Web 2.0 in both the enterprise and consumer space for ZDNet and the SOA Web Services Journal. He edits the respected Web 2.0 Journal and AjaxWorld Magazine for SYS-CON Media. He has been quoted by BusinessWeek, CNET News, Wired Magazine, CIO Magazine, and many other well-known industry periodicals. Mr. Hinchcliffe is also is a regular speaker on the topic of Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 and has presented or keynoted at Interop, JavaOne, SOA Web Services Edge, Web Builder 2.0, AjaxWorld, Office 2.0, and other major software conferences.

We will be giving away a Zune device at the end of the day.

To register visit the arcStreamEast web site.

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