Become a patterns & practices Developer!

I have an opening on the patterns & practices team for a developer. Patterns & practices works towards helping those developing on the Microsoft platforms more successful.  We produce books, reference implements, and libraries that help people in developing web, client, and mobile applications.  You can find out more what p&p does and how we…


Want to know more about getting started with Prism in Silverlight?

Erik Mork has put together a nice series of posts and web casts as an introduction to Prism for Silverlight.  Here is what he has available: Videos Intro to Silverlight Prism – Testing/Module Catalog/Unity – Regions (including Region Scope, Region Adapter and Region Context) – Commanding (including creating new commands) –…


Enterprise Library 5.0: Some Architecture Changes

The Enterprise Library team has been hard at work on some of our initial stories. One of the bigger initial stories is what we’ve affectionately call ARC01. I know, very descriptive, so let me explain a bit of what this is about. The Doublemint Twins Enterprise Library 4.0 (and 4.1) actually had two ways of…


Enterprise Library Needs Your Vote

Grigori Melnik has posted a survey on features for Enterprise Library v5.  Please take a look and vote on your favorite features.


Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight, now in VB Flavor

Many have asked for a Visual Basic version of the Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight (aka Prism v2).  We are pleased to offer the Hands-On Labs and Quickstarts in Visual Basic.  While the Composite Application Library is still in C#, the examples of how to use the library are in VB for this….


Building a Prism Application WebCast: Part II Available

The second web cast on building our Prism application is now available on Channel 9. Erwin van der Valk and I are building a sample Silverlight Prism application to aggregate Digg and Twitters searches.  It will look something like the picture below when we’re done: The first part of our web cast created a shell…


Prism V2 Refreshed

We’ve refreshed the Prism V2 release bits on MSDN due to a couple issues we found and decided were worth updating the bits. The first problem related to how regions worked with the TabControl.  In Prism V1, you could activate a view in a TabControl region, like such: 1: var view1 = new TextBlock() {…


Building a Prism Application WebCast: Part I Available

Erwin van der Valk and I have worked up a four part web cast on building a Prism application.  The first of these has been posted to Channel 9, you can find it here. We kept these intentionally short, about 10-20 minutes, and centered around a single topic.  Our hope is this lets you quickly…


Composite Guidance for Silverlight and WPF (aka Prism V2)Released!

We are very proud to release the Composite Application Guidance for Silverlight and WPF (which we often refer to as Prism V2).  This release takes the composite story we developed for WPF and brings it to Silverlight.  Additionally, we have some good guidance (and a little tooling) to help with building applications that target both…


Prism V2 – Drop 10 Now Available

The latest Prism drop is out on Codeplex.  You should get it.  Right now. Dinner will wait.