Free online Prism 4.0 training

PluralSight and patterns & practices have worked together to provide to you a free, 3-hour online training course on Prism.  This will be available in a free format for a limited time, from November 12th, 2011 through November14th, 2011. 

If you've always wanted to know a bit more about Prism, or just wanted to brush up what's in the 4.0 release, this course will help.  The course topics include:

  • Bootstrapper and Shell
  • Regions
  • Modules
  • Views
  • Navigation
  • Communication


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  1. brumfb1 says:

    Updated the link that was going to the wrong place.  Also, link doesn't have some of the new content in the outline that will be there by Nov. 11th, particularly around Navigation.

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