Prism 4 in Silverlight with MEF CompositionInitializer

I’ve had a couple people ping me about how to use the MEF CompositionInitializer with Prism 4 in Silverlight as well as how to use multiple, remotely downloaded Prism modules with MEF.  I’ve put together a sample that shows both these things, you can find the sample below. CompositionInitializer The MEF CompositionInitializer is intended to…


David Platt has a 3-day class on Prism Nov 8-10

David Platt of Rolling Thunder Computing, is doing a 3-day online Prism class this Nov 8-10.  He has some early bird pricing until the end of the month.  Find out more details here: He’s always a treat to listen and learn from, so if you’re interested in getting started with Prism or learning a…


Prism V2.2 Posted to Codeplex

The updates to the Prism source outlined here, have been packaged as downloadable release on Codeplex. This is largely the same code, with these additional items: Added the Quickstarts and Acceptance test projects back in.  These are the same as the ones available in version 2.1. A more complete test pass. A smoke test when…


Prism Source Updated for Unity 2.0 and Silverlight 4

We’re getting started with our Prism v4 work, but we have received a number of inquiries regarding updating the source to use Unity 2.0 and Silverlight 4.0.  To help those interested in using Prism with these latest releases, we’ve updated the source in the Codeplex repository. The changes are: All projects updated to Visual Studio…


Enterprise Library 5.0 is out.

Enterprise Library 5.0 is now out.  You can read more on Grigori’s post.  If you just can’t possibly wait you can also get bits from MSDN. Enjoy and be sure to give us feedback on the EntLib Codeplex site.


GAT/GAX Dev10 RC Available

Release candidates of the Guidance Automation Toolkit and Guidance Automation Extensions for Dev10 have been posted to the Visual Studio Gallery.  Check out this post for more details.