StickyNotes Professional Available

Check out Pablo Galiano’s StickyNotes project.  StickyNotes allows you to make a variety of comments to help describe your code, share thoughts about its current direction, or make comments for code reviews. 


Prism V2 – Drop 8 Available

Prism v2 Drop 8 is now available on Codeplex.  In this release, we’ve primarily been focused on moving the reference implementation functionality over since the bulk of the library is now available.   We’ve moved over the Watchlist, News, and Buy/Sell modules and views to the Siliverlight version of the Stock Trader Reference Implementation.  These pieces…


Prism V2 Drop 7 Now Available

The latest drop of Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight (Drop 7) is now available on CodePlex.  You can get it here.  I’ll talk about a few of the changes here. Commanding Prism drop 7 contains the first scenarios for Commanding.  The challenge here is that, in Silverlight, there is no command binding.  In…


Store And Forward Prism Event

Ade Miller has recently been using Prism (Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight) a bit and had a need to store all publications until there is at least one subscriber.  He was able to handle this fairly easily by sub-classing the CompositeWpfEvent.


Prism And Custom Enterprise Library Listeners

Ade was working on a personal project using Prism 1.0 and Enterprise Library 4.1.  He ran into a couple challenges I thought others might be interested in hearing about.  The first challenge he encountered was that the Unity IUnityContainer interface had changed in version 1.2 and he needed to modify the MockUnityContainer we had used…


Prism V2 Drop 6 and Backlog

We’ve just released our latest drop for the Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight with a lot of focus on pull-based (or top-down) compositional approaches, including how to compose and pass context between from region owners to views in the region. So what’s next on the Prism backlog?  These are the next few items…


Got Blog?

Alright, it’s been years since I had a blog and I finally decided to start again. I work on the Microsoft patterns & practices team and have worked on such projects as the Web Client Software Factory, Web Service Software Factory and, currently, Prism.   At p&p, we tend to work in team rooms and strive…