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While I was on the road last week, the announcement for the PDC Session Scheduling Tool went out.  I hope you took the time to fill this out.  I have staffed one or two D.C. area product launch events where the room simply was not big enough to hold everyone interested in a topic.  This is an excellent opportunity to provide input that will result in your increased satisfaction of PDC 2005!  If you have not, please rough out your schedule already!

I actually selected two or three sessions per time-block.  The abstracts are fairly descriptive, but five minutes into the talk is not the time to come up with a backup session when you realize the first one was not what you expected.

Most of your schedule will contain sessions on new technologies.  It is a really smart idea to do pre-reading on each of the session topics before you fly out to L.A.  Note that many of these sessions are at 300 and 400 levels.  Do your pre-research and show up ready to ask questions.  PDC is a great opportunity to receive answers from the horses mouth.

Is there a particular session you are looking forward to?  Use the comments to post your top three and compare notes with others on the road to PDC 2005.

My top three so far:

  • TLN307 - C# Futures with Anders Hejlsberg.
  • DAT301 - High Performance Computing
  • FUN323 - Microsoft Research: Future Possibilities in Concurrency

But I am very curious to attend a session on Longhorn ... er, Vista Media Center Edition titled:

  • PRS322 - Developing for the 10-Foot Interface

I will be at a customer focused event on Thursday and Friday, so I will miss some of the interesting symposiums and panels on those days.  There are a considerable number of panels on Friday that pique my interest.

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