SmartPhone and Voice Command

Voice Command on the Samsung i730 rocks.  I have a minor limitation with the Sony Ericsson HBH-662, but I will live with it because of Voice Commands accuracy. I work from our Reston, Virginia office or my home office when I am not at a customer site.  In both locations, I have very poor reception…


PDC 2005 – C# Futures with Anders Hejlsberg – Double Overflow

Today is the second presentation of the Anders Hejlsberg discussion on C# 3.0.  This is a presentation I wanted to attend twice just to take it all in.  It’s in a smaller room today, but is also being broadcast into two overflow rooms.  The coordinators requested a third presentation for tomorrow on the spot.  Keep an eye out…


PDC 2005 – XBOX 360 In Da House!

In room 501AB, Media Center “Designing for the 10 Foot User Experience”.  Media Center Extender demo on a “pre-pre-beta” XBOX 360.  After a couple of technical snafus, the box was up and running and streaming HD from the MCE box.  


PDC2005 – Day 1 – Keynote – LINQ Announcement

Jim Allichin announced the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Framework this morning.  Anders Hejlsberg and Don Box performed a great demo of this technology.  LINQ basically provides the the ability to query any array or collection of objects in managed code. I was really blown away by the ability to perform joins between in-memory data and results…


PDC2005 – Day 1 – Afternoon Sessions

This posting will be a “living document”.  I will update with relevant notes during the day today and tonight.  I may flush out individual bullet points in greater detail. This afternoon I attended sessions on: High Performance Computing with the Windows Server Compute Cluster Solution Windows Server 2003 Compute Cluster Solution Beta 1 was made available…


PDC 2005 – Day 1 – BillG Keynote

[edited for missed formatting errors and adding PDC2005 category – oops!]   NOTE: You can watch the BillG PDC 2005 keynote online.  [Sept 14 6:19pm PDT – Original Post Sept 13]   Bill Gates launched the keynote for PDC 2005.   Highlights include: Joked about Monday’s black-out in Los Angeles and his past comments on…


PDC Session Scheduling Tool

While I was on the road last week, the announcement for the PDC Session Scheduling Tool went out.  I hope you took the time to fill this out.  I have staffed one or two D.C. area product launch events where the room simply was not big enough to hold everyone interested in a topic.  This…