Automating Update of Azure-Powershell

Just a quick post to share a useful script. The PowerShell script below will download and update the Azure-PowerShell command-lets to the latest and greatest version. It even does a slick little version compare. I’ll put the disclaimer out there, that I an not the original author of this script and unfortunately I’ve lost the reference. If this is your script or you have a link to the original author’s blog post, pass it along and I’ll be happy to give credit where it is due. At any rate, the script is below:

$AzureModule = Get-Module -Name Azure -ListAvailable
$LatestRelease = Invoke-RestMethod 
    -Uri -Method GET

If ($AzureModule.Version.ToString() -ne $
    $OutFile = "{0}\{1}" -f $env:TEMP, $
    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $LatestRelease.assets.browser_download_url -OutFile $Outfile -Method Get
    Start-Process -FilePath msiexec.exe -ArgumentList @("/i $OutFile /qb") -Wait -PassThru
    Write-Host "Azure Powershell module is up to date."


Till next time! Chris

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  1. Neil Goldstein (EASI) says:

    Not sure, but maybe you pulled it from here:…/update-azure-powershell-module-with-powershell    ?

    I think the original from of the runbookautomation script was from his post from Aug 2014 (see…/GetAzurePowershellModule.ps1 so that's probably the source).

    Oddly the update-azurepowershell only shows up in Gist.github .. so maybe he isn't the original creator.

    Have a good day!   🙂

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