The SQL Swiss Army Knife #5 – Checking Autogrow times

Hello all, Here is another one focusing on SQL scripts that may help DBAs, following the series “SQL Swiss Army Knife”. This time we are exploring an alternative way of verifying autogrow times besides checking the ErrorLog for any recorded information, and that is when an error 5144 or 5145 occurs.


Can log files growth affect DML?

Hello all, A while back I blogged here about how a good strategy of log file growth could potentially impact ongoing operations with your SQL Server. It’s known that VLFs (number and size) impact on the performance of such actions as scanning all VLFs for transactions that are marked for replication or log backup operations….

SQL Server and Log File usage

Hello all, I decided to talk about an issue I’ve recently dug a little deeper, and so i will talk about how and why Log files (and their growth strategy) affect recovery times, mirroring, replication, large data changes (batches), leads to disk fragmentation, and ultimately adds stress factors to SQL Server I/O. First of all,…