SQLAzure – “SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment” and “SQL Azure Security Services” Services



Recently, SQLAzure Labs released two projects that could help, in different aspects, on the move, of our databases from the On-Premise stack to the SQLAzure world.

The first project has the main purpose of helping on this move, performing a compatibility assessment against our existing database schema:

Microsoft Codename "SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment"

(NOTE: SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT-CTP4) is available and it is also an excellent development tool that you can use to create your Database projects for any of the desired workloads – On-Premise or SQLAzure)

The second project was created to help on the security area. This service could assess the security of each SQLAzure Database implementation that we perform:

Microsoft Codename "SQL Azure Security Services"

Run your tests and let us know your feedback !


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  1. Jason Haley says:

    Interesting Finds: February 2, 2012

  2. Girish VS says:

    Is the service "SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment" still available for use? i don't find the link working, if retired why?

  3. Pedro Azevedo Lopes says:

    Hello Girish,

    The "SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment" has gone past the lab phase at this moment. Meanwhile, you can direct all your questions on this and other issues in the "Windows Azure – CTPs, Betas & Labs" forums (social.msdn.microsoft.com/…/windowsazureplatformctp)

    Thanks you

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