SQL Server vNext – Codename “Denali” and much more …

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This week it was announced the first CTP of the next version of SQL Server (Codename “Denali”) and the 1st Release of SQL Server Parallel Data Warehousing (PDW) at SQLPASS, Seattle. On the following table you can find a resume of the new features/topics that were announced:

SQL Server Denali

SQL Server - Codename "Denali" Topic Information
  SQLPass Rally - May 11 - 13, Orlando, Florida
  PASS Summit 2011, Oct. 10-14, Seattle 
TechEd - Europe - Berlin Microsoft SQL Server Codename "Denali"-Overview
SQL Server Denali Homepage SQL Server Denali - www.microsoft.com/sqlserver
Release Notes SQL Server Denali - Release Notes
CTP 1 - Download CTP 1 - download link
What's new Books Online - What's new
Books Online - Denali Books Online
  How To Download and Install Denali CTP1 - BOL
  SQL Server vNext Denali Books Online
MSDN - Forums SQL Server Pre-Release Forums
Setup - Walk-through SQL Server-11 Denali Setup Walk Through
HADR - AlwaysON High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR)
Spatial New Spatial features in SQL Server code named Denali CTP1
SQL Server Integration Services - SSIS Sql Server Denali: What's Coming Next In SSIS
  SQL Server “Denali” CTP1 - Integration Services (SSIS) Projects
  SQL Server “Denali” CTP1 - Integration Services (SSIS) Parameters
  SQL Server “Denali” CTP1 - Integration Services (SSIS) Catalog Overview
  SQL Server “Denali” CTP1 - Integration Services (SSIS) Usability Enhancements
  Flexible Authoring with the Integration Services (SSIS) Data Flow Designer
  SSIS CTP1 Source and Destination Assistants
  SSIS Junkies - Denali Posts
Security Security Enhancements (Database Engine)
Columnstore Indexes - DW Columnstore Indexes for Fast Data Warehouse Query Processing in SQL Server 11.0
FileTable Using FileTables to Manage Unstructured FILESTREAM Data
Contained Databases Designing and Implementing Contained Databases

PDW and more:

Parallel Data Warehouse - PDW Press Pass - SQL Denali e PDW
Parallel Data Warehouse - Homepage
Learn How Microsoft deployed SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse
Blog with Information about PDW
Parallel Data Warehouse is now available
Project “Atlanta” Project Atlanta Link
More Details About Atlanta Project
Microsoft Atlanta begins
Atlanta Blog
System Center - Project Atlanta - Homepage
Project “Juneau” SQL Server Tools - Code-named Juneau
Available only with the next CTP
SQL Server Developer Tools, Codename “Juneau”...
Project “Crescent” A glimps at Project Crescent
Data Visualization done right: Project Crescent
Introducing Project Crescent - Video
Analysis Services Analysis Services roadmap for Sql Server Denali and Beyond
Microsoft Certified Master(MCM)  program for SQL MCM - Announcement
MCM Preparation - Videos
MCM Training Links

SQL Azure and MAP 5.5 Beta:

SQL Azure  Inside SQL Azure - Technet Wiki article
New Windows Azure PaaS Capabilities
SQL Azure @PDC 2010
SQL Azure raises the bar on Cloud Databases -Forrester Research
MAP 5.5 MAP 5.5 - Connect Download Information


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  1. CSRedRat says:

    2 Gb of operative memory and all kernels of the processor (or at least 2-4, since it already the standard for desktop computers) apply to corporation Microsoft on decrease in restrictions in Express release on use at least. It is necessary for small server appendices on which the given edition is focused. Also I ask to reconsider the user interface of the dispatcher of reports since it morally obsolete and needs processing as MS it does with W7 and W8.

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