SQL Server – Performance Counters, Thresholds, etc.

These are normal questions:


  • What counters should I select to monitor my SQL Server instance?
  • What thresholds or values should I use to know when something bad is happening?


Use this webcast to get answers:


TechNet Webcast: SQL Server Performance Counter Guidance



Jimmy May, is sharing an Excel file with some consolidated information about this problematic:






Comments (2)

  1. Jimmy May says:

    Be sure to keep your peepers peeled for Microsoft PFE Shane Craemer's public release of "Vital Signs".  If you don't know PerfMon, he'll teach you all you want to know.  If you think you already know PerfMon, I invite you to come with an open mind–he's bound to stuff it full of great information.

    Subscribe to or check my blog from time-to-time where I'll announce it when it's released.

    Good luck!

    Jimmy May, Aspiring Geek

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