AZ 203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Study Guide

As a Microsoft employee who works with customers and a cloud enthusiast, I see it essential to be knowledgeable of how the cloud can bring the best value to the developer. Because of this, I am taking the AZ 203 exam, which is titled “Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure”. This exam was in beta for some time and was recently released proper in January 2019. Developers used to the Microsoft certification world will see this exam as a replacement for 70-532, which is the older iteration of Azure technology geared for developers. Passing this exam will reward developers with the “Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate” certification. Going forward, most Microsoft certifications are moving to a job-role based (great take by Chris Pietschmann at Build Azure) approach, which in my opinion is a good move, as it allows folks to focus on passing exams that contain content that will directly be used on the job.

Durable Functions

While one thinks of event driven code, the requirements (operational) cab be broken into smaller functions, which is usually the code snippet executed as a response to a request. As the end user, one are not concerned about underlying infrastructure.

UX is not UI, but UI is definitely UX

When I first joined the Premier team here at Microsoft, a lot of the work I initially did for our customers was just that – advisory front-end design work. After many discussions about how I can provide value to our customers, I started to realize that even though words likes User Experience and User Centered Design are starting to be thrown out more and more in development, very few people have a full grasp of what exactly User Experience is.

[Service Fabric] Stateful Reliable Collection Backup –The New Way

Recently, the Service Fabric team announced general availability of a new method of backup and restore of stateful reliable collections. What this blog post will provide, is a complete project sample on how to setup and perform a Backup (but not a Restore), with PowerShell, ARM template and code, to help you understand how to tie this all together. I’ll cover restore in a future post.

Want to be an ADM?

Helping customers to be successful is at our core.  Our mission is to ”Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”, and we do that by being customer-obsessed.  As an ADM, I’ve had the pleasure of working with customers who challenge me every day with questions that test my knowledge and experience, my ability to learn, my ability to research, and almost paramount, my ability to network amongst the vast expert resources in our consulting, support engineering, and product management teams. 

Taking small steps into Azure (with Developer Support)

Premier Developer Application Development Managers and Consultants are all well versed in Azure; we are all certified. Our goal is to help your organization achieve more through your Azure usage: by helping you architect a solution, enabling and training your developers to develop for the cloud, and working through a proof of concept. We can be there every step of the way from planning through implementation.

Microsoft Teams: What’s in it for Developers?

Microsoft Teams presents a lot of opportunities for developers and development teams, from helping to improve Team collaboration and agility to providing a platform for deploying great functionality for users.

Demystifying Docker Containers Support on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016

Both my colleague Kendall Roden and myself were recently taking a deep dive into docker containers support on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. We knew that we could install “Docker for Windows” to add support for Docker, but as we dug deeper we found out that there is more to it than simply installing “Docker for Windows”.