Gotcha: Be an Office Insider

Good number of my developer customers/ISVs asking about “Microsoft Office Insider”, “what is it” and “where to getting started” – so i am sharing the related info. As you aware that Microsoft Office is available around the world, and we’re continuously hard at work on exclusive monthly upgrades and new features for Office 365 subscribers….

A Level Results Day: Off to University? Four tips to get the most from a new device

It’s fair to say that for many young people in their late teens, the month of August can be an emotional rollercoaster. All the hard work of the last few years spent in education culminates in that Thursday morning when A Level and other exam results are released. In many cases determines where the next few years of your lives are spent, what you will be doing and who you will meet. For those students moving on to University, there is a very high chance that a new laptop, tablet or 2-in-1 device will be on the list of essentials to pick up before packing the bags for Freshers’ Week. We also spoke to some of our current Microsoft student interns who are spending a year in industry as part of their studies, to ask them for some of their top tech tips for first year students starting this autumn…

Office 365 Dev: Connecting Microsoft Graph with Visual Studio 2017

If you have connected Microsoft Graph with previous Visual Studio to build application, then you can do the same steps with latest Visual Studio 2017 preview as well. Using Visual Studio, you can now easily configure your projects to access data across Office 365 and Azure Active Directory through the Microsoft Graph. – First you…

Video: Creating apps using Microsoft Graph & Visual Studio 2017

In this video, Michael Mainer, Senior Community Engineer talks about how you can connect Microsoft Graph with latest Visual Studio 2017. You will learn how to use the Microsoft Graph API SDK for .NET to build your next integration with Office 365, including an updated Visual Studio experience. Hope this helps.

Sale: Save on all certification prep books

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Skype Web SDK 紹介

BUILD 2016 のタイミングで発表された Skype for Business Online (Office 365) を使った Skype Web SDK を紹介します。Office 365 試用版を使って、すぐに試していただけます。

Azure AD v2.0 endpoint の OAuth Token の検証 (Verify)

v2.0 endpoint (Azure AD と MSA の双方に対応した新エンドポイント) を使った token の検証方法を解説します。Application 開発で必須の処理です。(一般の OAuth token の基礎知識を v2 endpoint のケースで解説)

Azure AD v2.0 endpoint の OAuth を使った Client 開発 (Azure AD と MSA への対応)

本投稿では、現在、整備されつつある (Azure AD / MSA に対応した) v2 endpoint を使った OAuth の基本的な処理と、開発上の留意点 (考え方や注意点など) を解説します。Microsoft Graph などの API Service を扱った、Azure AD (Office 365 などの組織アカウント) と Microsoft Account (個人アカウント) の双方に対応したアプリケーション構築が可能です。