Azure Database Migration Service を使って SQL Server を Azure SQL Database に持っていこう

Microsoft Japan Data Platform Tech Sales Team 岩淵 健 これまでプレビュー版としてのご提供でした Azure Database Migration Service (Azure DMS) が 2018/5/7 より GA としてリリースされました。Azure DMS をご利用いただくことでオンプレミスの SQL Server データベースを Azure SQL Database へスムーズに移行することができます。特に、他の移行ツールと比較して、大規模なデータベースの移行に適していますので是非ともご利用ください。

Tips & Tricks : What you need to do to creat SQL Login to authenticate to Azure SQL DBs members in Auto-Failover Group

Sometimes we found it is tricky to setup SQL Login account other than default built-in SQL Admin and using them to allow SQL application access to login to Azure Server and Databases members in Auto-Failover Group! First I would like to briefly summarize Auto-Failover Group feature introduced to Azure SQL DB as a part of…

April 2018 Leaderboard of Database Systems contributors on MSDN

Congratulations to our April top 10 contributors! Alberto Morillo and Visakh Murukesan maintain their top positions. This Leaderboard initiative was started in October 2016 to recognize the top Database Systems contributors on MSDN forums. The following continues to be the points hierarchy (in decreasing order of points):


Creating Azure SQL Managed Instance using ARM templates

Azure API enables you to create Azure SQL Managed Instance using ARM templates. These are JSON objects that contain definition of resources that should be created. You can send these objects to the Azure REST API to automate creation of Azure SQL Managed Instance.

Lesson Learned #49: Does Azure SQL Database support Azure Active Directory connections using Service Principals?

The answer is Yes!. Just finishing a service request following the instructions placed on this URL  but with a limitation: Service Principal of the Managed Service Identity is not currently supported.  It is supported if you register an application in Azure portal > Azure Active Directory > Application registration.   Just to mention that there it not…

Lesson Learned #47: Do you have connectivity issues to Azure SQL DB from your PC?

Often, we are working on with service requests that our customers are facing connectivity problem to Azure SQL Database from their office or from home. Time ago, my colleague Raghda and I, recorded this video, that you could watch in our YouTube channel to verify the main issues that may prevent a successful connection to Azure SQL…

Lesson Learned #45: CPU at 100% using nvarchar parameter data type in the filter against varchar column data type.

These last days, I have been working in several service requests with same behavior. Customer has an application that is searching a value per execution. The parameter value that is using the stored procedure is defined a nVarchar data type. The table field is varchar data type. Every execution took few milliseconds but if you…

Lesson Learned #43: Using partitioning option for Azure SQL database

Some days ago, I have been working on advisory service request where our customer asked for partitioning option for Azure SQL database. They found the guidelines but when they tried to implement it, they got the error message: ‘filegroup’ is not supported in this version of SQL Server. Trying to answering the question, partition is supported on Azure SQL Database but…