Tips and Tricks Revealed on this Week’s Friday Five!

Azure Key Vault recover keys, secrets and certificates Peter Groenewegen has acquired extensive and varied experience as a Software Architect, Tech Lead, Consultant and Lead Developer, because of his work in development and service provision in a variety of organizations. He has extensive knowledge of Azure, on-premise software development and processes (Application life cycle management). Peter lives with…

Revised Scaling Experience for Standard and Premium

The App Service team is delighted to announce a revised scaling experience between Basic, Standard, and Premium App Service plans that will make it easier for customers to scale up to more performant VMs at the same price point.


Cloud SOLID Part II: Cloud Architecture and the Open/Closed Principle

Authored by Casey Watson (AzureCAT). Edited by RoAnn Corbisier. Reviewed by Jonathan Gardner (AzureCAT), Michiel van Otegem (AzureCAT), and Shawn Weisfeld (One Commercial Partner). This is the second article in the Cloud SOLID series. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to begin by reading the first article, Cloud SOLID Part I: Cloud…