Nullable types arithmetic and null-coalescing operator precedence

Here is a simple question for you: which version of a GetHashCode() is correct and what performance impact does the incorrect version have? public struct Struct1{    public int N { get; }    public string S { get; }    public Struct1(int n, string s = null) { N = n; S = s; }     public override int GetHashCode() =>         N ^         S?.GetHashCode()…

Deploying Your Dockerized Angular Application To Azure Using VSTS (Part II)

Premier Developer Consultant Wael Kdouh demonstrates how to maintain consistency across development and production environments by utilizing Docker containers. He will show you how this is possible while concurrently automating the process with VSTS. In my previous post, I showed you how to deploy your Angular application to Azure using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)….

Azure Content Spotlight – Digital Transformation with Azure IoT

Welcome to another Azure Content Spotlight! These articles are used to highlight items in Azure that could be more visible to the Azure community. The virtual company Contoso HVAC Manufacturing has undergone another transformation in the A digital transformation Journey featuring Contoso Manufacturing and Azure IoT post on the Internet of Things blog.  This post is highlighted because it…


How to configure tempdb in Azure SQL Managed Instance(preview)

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance (public preview) is a fully-managed SQL Server instance in Azure cloud. In the current public preview there are some known issues and bugs that will be fixed during public preview period. One of the potential issues is number of files and max_size that is set on tempdb. In this post,…

Extend Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.OAuth to Support Reverse Proxy

Recently, one customer said his Core application used to work very well in OAuth authentication all the time, but after he placed a reverse proxy in front of the web application, the authentication fails because of invalid callback path. Normally speaking, a callback path is needed when registering an application to the OAuth server….


Inside Distribution Cleanup Watermark

Inside Distribution Cleanup Watermark The Distribution database is a cache of undistributed commands that the Distribution SQL Agent jobs are responsible to deliver to their subscribers.  This cache is populated by the Publisher LogReader Agent job as new data changes are detected. The primary tables holding the cache of undistributed data is MSrepl_transactions and MSrepl_commands….

The ‘in’-modifier and the readonly structs in C#

C# 7.2 got two very important features for high-performance scenarios — the readonly structs and the in parameters. But to understand why this additions are so important and how they’re related to each other we should look back in history. As you probably know, the .NET ecosystem has two family of types — the value…