12/22 – Errata added for [MS-DTSX2]: Data Transformation Services Package XML Version 2 File Format

Changes to the following subsections: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn781096.aspx#BKMK_DTSX2 Section 2.4, ExecutableTypePackage Section, ConnectionManagerConnectionManagerAttributeGroup Section, HttpConnectionAttributeGroup Section, PipelineComponentComponentClassIDEnum Section, PipelinePathType Section, SqlTaskDataType Section 5.8, SQLTask XSD Section, BackupCompressionActionEnum Section, XMLTaskOperationTypeEnum Section 2.9.2, BaseExecutablePropertyAttributeGroup

Factura electrónica: Nueva actualización MS Dynamics AX para facturas electrónicas (España)

A partir del 15 de Enero de 2015, las facturas enviadas o recibidas de/a las Administraciones Públicas deberán ser presentadas solo a través de formato electrónico. El Gobierno Español ha definido un sólo punto general de entrada de Facturas Electrónicas de la Administración General del Estado. Este punto general de entrada se conoce como FACe…

Managing Send-To Permissions With FIM

So we all know FIM is great at managing the lifecycle of a user, handling their group membership and even allowing for password self-service. However, FIM’s capabilities (especially with regards to self-service) don’t end there. One of the great things about this technology is the ability to customize and build on what you get out…

Release history for the Azure DSC Extension

On August 2014 we introduced the Azure Desired State Configuration (DSC) Extension, which can be used to upload and apply a DSC configuration on an Azure VM. UPDATE 3/15/2018 Going forward, the DSC Extension release history will be published in the DSC Extension documentation (only). https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/dsc/azuredscexthistory

Criteria-Based Bulk Portal Object Deletion

Today I’d like to discuss a topic that comes up from time to time: how to (intelligently) bulk delete a group of objects from the FIM portal based on a set of criteria. There are several ways of handling this, but most rely on the use of an additional custom activity workflow (generally PowerShell based)….

Move Azure VM across Cloud Service

  I came across a requirement of moving my azure VMs from one cloud service to another in same subscription. I had Azure VMs having same prefix like ‘MyProjectVM(N)’ where N is from 1..N. So here comes my blog providing such solution. Below is the code to move a VM from one cloud service to…


David Musgrave’s Blog has moved

David Musgrave’s blog can now be found at the link below. Please enjoy the existing content on this blog. http://winthropdc.com/blog

Verifying current calls and sessions during runtime

  One of the WCF strengths is the flexibility to allow different configuration combinations. One of the WCF weakness is this configuration flexibility that may lead to a final results different from the expected. Some of the problems we see with our customers are related to actual configuration versus expected configuration. Let me give a…

Sharepoint Foundations 2013 Configuration Script

### Script Verified 26 August 2016 ### ## This script can be used with the FIM / MIM Preperation Script , The Preparation script is not required and to use this script with out the preparation script just Type “No” when prompted with with the question “Was the MIMPrep tool used to create Service Accounts Yes…