So I bike everywhere. Most places, in fact.

My current weapon of choice is my Specialized Langster.  Here’s a factory shot:


I know…  No street cred because it’s bought, not made…  Who cares.  It’s a track ride, urban assault, Leanster. Here’s a shot of MY ACTUAL Langster:


With clipless Time ATAC XS Ti’s, and a Bontrager X-Lite Bottle Cage, just for fun.

It’s not fixed.  Sorry, I’m not there yet.  Don’t think I will ever be. I need some control…

Did 20+ miles around town on this whip last Sunday.

I can’t wait to put Ksyrium’s on it!

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  1. Billharris398 says:

    Wonderful Bike. I also love biking. Keep posting new photos.

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