How to move SQL Server from Standalone to Cluster environment

Due to some major issue noted, I am pulling down this blog post as it would cause more harm than anything better.

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  1. Steve says:


    I don't thing this will work for your sys DBs. especially master.

    I have done this for stand alone instance (including system DBs 🙂 ).

  2. Balmukund says:

    And why do you think so Steve? logically it should work if names are not changing (i did mention that in step 2)

    I have not tried personally and its only theory.

  3. ABCD says:

    How to do the reverse?

    — Switching from a cluster test environment to stand alone SQL 2008 servers?

    What are the steps needed?

  4. Balmukund says:


    Same steps. Make sure the path of data drive is not getting changed.

  5. Alex says:

    if the dabatase path of standalone sql server is not the same with clustered sql? how to do ?

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