Beta Version of WCSF for VS2010 Available on Codeplex

We just published a beta version of the Web Client Software Factory for Visual Studio 2010 on Codeplex. Go check it out. This uses the new version of the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) and Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT). GAX and GAT can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Gallery.


Web Client Guidance Nears Completion

p&p needs your feedback! We plan to release the Web Client Guidance around Dev10 launch. This guidance will help customers create rich, responsive, modular Web applications. We are looking for your input before the final release in early April to help us ensure the accuracy of the guidance. The Guidance includes: Documentation (written guidance). Includes…


Check out Simon’s Blog Posts on Web Client Guidance and MVC

Simon Ince recently posted some very good blog posts on View Models in MVC, Generic or Specific Routes, and Packing UI Components in MVC. These are some of the topics that we are covering in the Web Client Guidance project on


New Web Client Guidance Drop Available on Codeplex

We just posted the most recent drop of the Web Client Guidance on Codeplex. At this point we are making fewer changes to the code and focusing more on the documentation. Below is the change log for the drop. The next drop we will refine our guidance and scenarios on when to use modularity and…


Web Client Guidance Drop #6 Available on Codeplex

The Web Client Guidance Drop #6 is available on Codeplex. Based upon feedback, we simplified the reference implementation by moving the Friends and MyLibrary projects into the main project. The feedback we received was that modular development is more common than modular deployment. This will make the reference implementation simpler to understand as it has…


New Skin Included in Latest Web Client Guidance Drop

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we significantly upgraded the skin of the Reference Implementation in the current drop – so go check it out and give us your thoughts.     Below are more details on what has changed since the last drop. Reference Implementation Updated the look and feel of the…


4th Web Client Guidance Drop Available on Codeplex and Proposed UX Design

We were in the holiday spirit last week so we created a drop of the Web Client Guidance  – so go check it out. The goal of the drop was to reduce the technical debt we had for the project. We need you to help us figure out what other technical debt we need to…


Web Client Guidance on how to partition controllers

Francis posted a question on Codeplex on how to partition controllers in our SongsController. Let us know your thoughts. He is asking how much functionality should be in the controller? Should it have searching, rating, and reviews?


3rd Public Drop Available for Web Client Guidance

Below are the changes for our 3rd pubic drop of the Web Client Guidance. I would like feedback on two topics: WebForms: Top Ten Tasks for Improving Responsiveness (see documentation). Do we have the right questions? What additional questions should we address? Also what is the quality of the answers? Go here to give us…


We need your feedback on Web Client Guidance

Last week we posted our 2nd public drop for the Web Client Guidance project. We have over 1000 downloads of our first two drops which is great. We now need to your thoughts on how we are addressing the challenges of responsiveness and modularity which is why we created a discussion topic on Codeplex to…