Prism 5.0 for WPF and .NET 4.5 Just Released

We are pleased to announce that the Microsoft patterns & practices team just released the Prism Library for WPF and .NET 4.5. As I mentioned when we started the project. the major themes of the release are: Provide Portable Class Library version of Prism library (where reasonable) Address high priority items identified on the CodePlex…


Have you taken the Prism 4.0 Survey?

As I mentioned in my blog post on Prism 4.0 we will publish a survey asking for your feedback on Prism 4.0. The Prism 4.0 survey just went live and we need you to help us prioritize the potential features for this release. So hurry up and take the survey and don’t forgot to tell…


Beta Version of SCSF for VS2010 available on Codeplex

We just published a beta version of the Smart Client Software Factory for Visual Studio 2010 on Codeplex. Go check it out. This uses the new version of the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) and Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT). GAX and GAT can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Gallery.

We need your feedback on Web Client Guidance

Last week we posted our 2nd public drop for the Web Client Guidance project. We have over 1000 downloads of our first two drops which is great. We now need to your thoughts on how we are addressing the challenges of responsiveness and modularity which is why we created a discussion topic on Codeplex to…

Prism training is available from Rolling Thunder

David Platt from Rolling Thunder is offering a training course on Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight on May 18 – 20. David provides training for both Prism and CAB/Smart Client Software Factory. Check it out if you are looking for training. As I mentioned in a previous blog post we also have videos…


VB QuickStarts and How To’s Now Available for Prism

We had a number of customers ask for Visual Basic Versions of the Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight. As Bob stated in his blog, we are excited to announce that QuickStarts and How To’s are now in Visual Basic. This provides guidance of how to use Visual Basic with the Composite Application Library…


Update on SCSF, WCSF, and Software Factories

A number of customers have asked about our plans for the Web Client Software Factory and the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF). In a previous post I announced that we are planning on updating the Web Client Software Factor for Visual Studio 2010. We also plan to update SCSF to run on Visual Studio 2010….


Announcing 6 new patterns and practices releases

The patterns & practices team just published 6 new releases in the last two weeks. Ajoy discusses the releases on his blog. The new releases include: Enterprise Library v4.1 Unity Application Block v1.2 Distributed Agile Development white paper and Agile showcase Application Architecture Guide v2.0 (Beta 1) SharePoint Development Guidance v1.0 Acceptance Testing Guidance Check…


CAB to Prism Comparison Available on Codeplex

Our Composite UI Application Block (CAB) customers have been asking for comparison documentation between CAB to Composite Application Guidance for WPF (Prism). You can download the guidance from here. This documentation helps you understand the difference between the libraries to help you plan your migration to Prism. This figure provides a comparison of CAB and…