Sign-up for the patterns & practices symposium 2013

The patterns & practices Symposium 2013 is scheduled for January 15 – 17, on campus in Redmond. This is a great opportunity for your customers to connect and learn. We have an amazing set of presenters this year. To celebrate our theme of exploration, we’re bringing in two special speakers from outside the software development…


Have you taken the Prism 4.0 Survey?

As I mentioned in my blog post on Prism 4.0 we will publish a survey asking for your feedback on Prism 4.0. The Prism 4.0 survey just went live and we need you to help us prioritize the potential features for this release. So hurry up and take the survey and don’t forgot to tell…


Beta Version of SCSF for VS2010 available on Codeplex

We just published a beta version of the Smart Client Software Factory for Visual Studio 2010 on Codeplex. Go check it out. This uses the new version of the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) and Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT). GAX and GAT can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Gallery.


patterns and practices wants you to take the Web guidance survey

As I mentioned in a December blog post, the patterns & practices team plans to create new Web guidance. We need your help prioritizing the requirements through a survey that just went live. My blog post outlines the process that we will go through to define scope for the Web Guidance. As an update, we…


Announcing 6 new patterns and practices releases

The patterns & practices team just published 6 new releases in the last two weeks. Ajoy discusses the releases on his blog. The new releases include: Enterprise Library v4.1 Unity Application Block v1.2 Distributed Agile Development white paper and Agile showcase Application Architecture Guide v2.0 (Beta 1) SharePoint Development Guidance v1.0 Acceptance Testing Guidance Check…


JD shares his insights from some of the best books

Earlier today I provided a link to JD’s blog on a presentation from Stephen Covey. I have known JD for over 5 years now and worked closely with him on multiple projects for almost 2 years. During this time, I remember that JD read lots of books on lots of topics (I do mean lots…


JD Meier shares "Cliff Notes" from Stephen Covey’s presentation to Microsoft

JD Meier recently posted a blog on Stephen Covey’s presentation to Microsoft. The blog post includes: Lighthouse principles Values and principles Personal and family mission statement and why One of my favorites Urgent but not important Office politics Finding your voice Keys to effective large teams Win / Win agreements Keeping top talent Plus lots…


View Web Client Software Factory Documentation on MSDN

As I mentioned in my previous blog, a complete copy of WCSF February 2008 release’s documentation is now available to view on MSDN.  Let us know your thoughts of viewing the documentation on MSDN. As an fyi, it will take some time for the links and content to replicate to all the servers worldwide. If…


Web Client Software Factory – February 2008 Shipped

After further ado, we finally shipped the Web Client Software Factory. Glenn and Michael describe what is in the new release. I want to highlight a couple of things from the release. Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 Support. This factory supports Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5. Over the next 2 weeks we will…


Does the computer take over your life?

An interesting article has been circulating around Microsoft of late regarding Office or Home A.D.D. Ok, let’s be honest how many of you are walking outside reading e-mail on you Smart Phone or at home with your family and friends and reading e-mail instead of engaging in conversation with them? I can say that I…