Starting work on Prism 4.1

patterns & practices started working on Prism 4.1 which will target Silverlight 5 and items requested on Codeplex. The current plan is to ship the release in January. Additionally, we plan to ship Prism 4.5 after .NET 4.5 is released. Prism 4.5 will address other highly voted on Codeplex issues. For Prism 4.1, we will…


Learn Prism 4 with Brian Noyes

Brian Noyes, a long time Prism advisor is creating Working with Prism 4 Series. You should check it out as Brian is a good writer and trainer with lots of successful customers using Prism. This will be a multi-part series and the first installment is already up. More details are on his blog.

FREE WPF and Silverlight Online Prism Training from PluralSight on Nov 12-Nov 14.

Check out PluralSight’s free offer for 3 hours of online Prism training from November 12 – 14. The course will help you learn how to design and build WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Phone Applications using Prism 4.0. The course covers: Getting Started with Prism Bootstrapper and the Shell Regions Modules Views Communication