Updated Version of Web Client Guidance Available on Codeplex

I just posted an updated version to Codeplex of the Web Client Guidance now called Developing Web App: Building Responsive Modular Web Applications. This version includes updated documentation with graphics and links to other topics.

We decided to delay the release to MSDN so that we can update our JavaScript to exclusively include jQuery and jQuery Plug-ins which aligns to the recent announcement by Scott Guthrie at MIX10.

So go check it out and give us your feedback.

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  1. James Barrow says:

    Hi Blaine,

    I haven't had much time to read about the different things regarding Web Client Guidance, Web Client Software Factory, etc.

    I'm currently using WCSF Feb 2008 in Visual Studio 2008 Team System edition, and was wondering if the latest version is compatible with VS2008? I'm currently not using the guidance, but might like to in future turn it back on – previous developer on the project wasn't in favour of it, and so I inherited it this way.

    The project is going to involve a lot of ajax, jQuery ui, and possible Telerik controls. What would you recommend for upgrading to the latest version, assuming that VS2008 must be used.

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