Have you taken the Prism 4.0 Survey?

As I mentioned in my blog post on Prism 4.0 we will publish a survey asking for your feedback on Prism 4.0. The Prism 4.0 survey just went live and we need you to help us prioritize the potential features for this release. So hurry up and take the survey and don’t forgot to tell your friends to take it as well.

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  1. BenHayat says:

    Blaine, any updates on the survey and which items were picked for phase I?



  2. Blaine says:


    I will create a blog post to answer your question more completely. The high level list of items we will focus on are:

    MVVM, MEF for Modularity and DI, Navigation,

    and Templates.

    We do run projects in an agile fashion so we will get as much done as fits within the time we have.

    Let me know your thoughts on this high level list.



  3. BenHayat says:

    Blaine, today I had a conference call with a large company (IBM) who is planning to build an app in SL for one of their clients. One of the points that came up, was the fact that MS has not standardize the MVVM into their framework. And my point to them was that the good news is that, of the most prominent team at MS already working towards that goal. I think that answer was very satisfying to their anxiety.

    For large project like this, I think MVVM, Modularity and Navigation is the most essentials to begin with.

    One area in the outside world about too many flavors of MVVM being out, is causing confusion for clients and not knowing who is right or hype and it would be great if you keep this channel open during development, so we can show that MS has taken this bull by the horn and giving us a framework, like MEF has.

    This project will solve many "Political" issues that has grown around the MVVM notion. And I truly thank you for putting a fix to this.

    Please keep us posted as the development continues.



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